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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What methods of payment do you accept? Visa, MasterCard, Debit, E-Tranfer, cash or certified cheques. Only Canadian Currency excepted.


2. When is full payment required? Full payment required 14 days prior to rental start date

(Canadian Resident) and 30 days prior to rental start date for International customers. $1000.00 Damage deposit due at pick up.

3. Do rental units come with cutlery, linens, etc? No.  A convenience package which includes these items can be rented.

4. What time can I pick up the unit? Pick up times can be arranged as early as possible on the 1st day of rental.

5. What time does the unit need to be returned? All units need to be returned by midday on the last day of rental.

6. Do the units come full of gas and propane? No. Units to be returned with same amount of fuel/propane as noted on rental agreement.

7. What type of drivers licence is required to drive the units? A valid current driver's licence of their country of residence. International drivers licence not required.

8. How many people can drive the units? Maximum of 4 drivers per rental unit. 

9. Are pets allowed? Sorry, no pets are allowed.

10. Is smoking allowed? We have a strict no-smoking policy.

11. Can I take the units on gravel roads? No. Gravel roads ok within campgrounds.

12. Where can I take the units? Units can be driven throughout Canada and USA.

13. In the event of an accident or insurance claim what is my deductible? $300.00 per occurrence.

14. What is minimum age for renting RV? 21 years of age.


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